In January 2018, we rolled out a new strategy to strengthen our efforts around hiring, retention, progression, and building an inclusive culture. As the data in our 2018 Diversity Annual Report shows, we need to do more to achieve our desired diversity & inclusion goals.

To do this, we’ve moved to shared ownership between Google leadership, People Ops, and grassroots efforts. We’ve increased data transparency among leadership and are focusing on impact and not just on activity as measures of success. Change doesn't happen overnight, but we're more committed than ever to become a more diverse and inclusive Google.



Drive fairness within Google’s processes, as well as in our distribution of resources and opportunity.


Endeavor to attract, develop, progress and retain more underrepresented talent at all levels of Google’s workforce, reaching or exceeding the available talent pool.


Ensure Google is a workplace where every employee feels welcomed, respected, supported and valued. We seek to embrace diversity and create the conditions for everyone to thrive.


Set a high bar for Google and Googlers to operate in accordance with our values, our Code of Conduct, and the law.


Have questions or feedback? Email diversity@google.com.