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Books in German/-2018-Mar-18 00:58
A Simple Design of a Mini Tesla Coil.pdf348.5 KiB2017-Jan-31 00:27
Beckhard - Nikola Tesla.pdf6.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:27
Bill Knell - Tesla Unraveling the Genius of Nikola Tesla.mobi2.2 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:28
Building The TESLA Turbine (Gingery, 2004).pdf11.2 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:33
Collection of Articles by Nikola Tesla.pdf1.7 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:35
Complete Patents - Nikola Tesla 499p.pdf40.2 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:35
Complete Patents - Nikola Tesla.pdf40.2 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:42
David Childress - Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla.pdf20.3 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:48
Eric Dollard - Free-Energy Research.pdf9.5 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:51
Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency - Nikola Tesla (2002).pdf39.7 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:53
FBI_files_on_Nikola_Tesla_01.pdf4.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:59
FBI_files_on_Nikola_Tesla_02.pdf5.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 00:59
Free Energy Secrets with Tesla patents.pdf8.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:00
Free Energy Secrets.pdf8.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:02
Free-Energy Pioneer Keely 1998.pdf5.1 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:03
General Tesla Coil Construction Plans.pdf131.4 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:03
Gerry Vassilatos - Lost Science.pdf8.1 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:04
Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature - Tesla's Science of Energy - T. Valone.pdf14.2 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:05
Henry Moray - Books.pdf15.9 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:07
John Bedini.pdf5.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:10
Kelly - Manual of Free Energy Devices.pdf13.5 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:10
Meyl - Scalar Waves (First Tesla Physics Textbook).pdf22.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:13
Modern Aether Science.pdf6.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:16
My Inventions - The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla.pdf197.6 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:16
Nick Begich - Angels Don't Play This HAARP.pdf2.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:17
Nikola Tesla - Complete Work.pdf1.3 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:17
Nikola Tesla - Electrical Genius.pdf3.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:18
Nikola Tesla - FBI Files.pdf10.0 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:18
Nikola Tesla - Harnessing Electricity.pdf47.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:20
Nikola Tesla - Lecture 1897.pdf9.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:27
Nikola Tesla - Master Of Imagination.pdf13.4 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:28
Nikola Tesla - Prodigal Genius.pdf631.6 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:28
Nikola Tesla - The Tesla Papers.pdf10.9 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:29
Nikola Tesla Colorado Springs Notes, 1899-1900.pdf81.0 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:31
Nikola Tesla.pdf11.5 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:43
Occult Ether Physics - Tesla's Hidden Space Propulsion System - W. Lyne (1997).pdf1.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:44
Otis T Carr - Tesla Saucers.pdf404.2 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:44
Pentagon Aliens (Tesla Generator) by William Lyne.epub8.5 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:45
Physics without Einstein.pdf13.0 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:46
Prodigal Genius Biography of Nikola Tesla.pdf631.6 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:48
Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion.pdf27.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:48
Solid-state Tesla Coil.pdf828.4 KiB2017-Jan-31 01:52
TESLA-EQ.TXT23.6 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:28
Tesla - Alternating Currents.pdf53.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 01:53
Tesla - Experiments with Alternating Currents.pdf1.3 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:00
Tesla - High Freq Coil.pdf3.2 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:01
Tesla - How to Signal to Mars 1909.pdf930.9 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:01
Tesla - Inventions.pdf19.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:02
Tesla - Prodigal Genius.pdf739.6 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:04
Tesla - Tunguska Explosion 1908.pdf482.7 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:04
Tesla Coil.pdf981.3 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:04
Tesla Flying Machine.pdf752.4 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:05
Tesla Man Out of Time - Cheney 2001.pdf9.0 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:05
Tesla Patent Radiant Energy.pdf429.4 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:06
Tesla Patents 155p (best copy).pdf23.1 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:07
Tesla Patents 455p.pdf22.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:10
Tesla Presentation.pdf2.5 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:14
Tesla Said.pdf40.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:14
Tesla Schauberger Free Energy (internet).pdf6.9 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:20
Tesla's Big Mistake.pdf92.0 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:21
Tesla's Engine.pdf31.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:22
Tesla's Lost Inventions.pdf15.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:27
Tesla- Solid state Tesla coil.pdf828.4 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:28
Tesla-Death-Ray-Reconstruction.pdf149.9 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:28
The Evolution of Matter-1.pdf25.9 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:29
The Evolution of Matter-2.pdf19.0 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:33
The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla _bw.pdf25.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:36
The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla v2.pdf36.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:40
The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla v3.pdf44.3 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:46
The Inventions Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla.pdf26.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:53
The Inventions, Researches and Writings of Nikola Tesla.pdf15.4 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:57
The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla.pdf1.6 MiB2017-Jan-31 02:59
The Story of Nikola Tesla.pdf621.3 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:59
The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla.pdf387.7 KiB2017-Feb-07 03:25
The Strange Life of Nikola Tesla.txt145.2 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:59
The Tesla high frequency coil, its construction and uses (1910).epub671.5 KiB2017-Jan-31 02:59
Transmission of Power - Polyphase System - Tesla Patents.pdf5.9 MiB2017-Jan-31 03:00
Ultimate Tesla Coil Design.pdf7.3 MiB2017-Jan-31 03:01
Your Electro-Vibratory Body.pdf12.8 MiB2017-Jan-31 03:02